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CNC routed sketch of a giraffe.

Giraffe Sketch Engraving

Giraffe Carving Giraffe Carving Tool used V-Bit This drawing was provided by a customer. We are able to scan images and convert them to tool paths.  In this case this was done as a carved image.  The Customers drawing was then able to be carved in to a cupboard door for their child’s nursery. This

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Photo of CNC routed oak panel

So what is CNC Routing and CNC machining?

WHAT IS CNC ROUTING/MACHINING? You first you need to understand what a router is: A Router is a tool that is used to rout out (hollow out) a desired area in a solid material.     A CNC router is essentially a router that is controlled by a computer.  As mentioned in my basic post on CNC routing,

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Materials we can machine, cut or engrave using our CNC router.

Materials We Cut And Engrave There is a huge variety of materials out there that can be machined using a CNC router, but I will be covering the materials that we CNC cut or engrave on a regular basis. The four main material categories we commonly machine are wood, plastic, resin board and aluminium. WOOD I will start

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So here we are.  A routing and design company based at Shepperton Studios. Over nearly 2 years we have designed and created all manner of things: 15ft Gates routed out of Resin Composite board, aluminium camera mounts, MDF Spiral floor tiles, Structural set ribs, electromagnetic quick release camera mounts, Green screen boxes, whole scale sets!

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