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Anodised Camera Dolly Mount For Libra

  Tool Used: 6mm and 4mm Aluminium dry cut Camera dolly mount custom made for Libra camera head controls. We can design and make camera mounts, lens mounts, brackets, spacers, lighting rigs, camera head mounts, camera stabilising rigs, battery mount, marine parts…  Contact us with you requirements and we would be happy to help!

Photo of Jameson Wooden Box

Jameson Wooden Box

  Jameson Show Box. Tools used: 1/4″ Compression Cutter & 90 Degree V-Bit Designed in house, constructed from birch ply, stained with Jacobean dark oak bees wax. CNC routed & engraved. If you need a memorable gift designed and made we can help.  Contact us to find out what we can do.


So here we are.  A routing and design company based at Shepperton Studios. Over nearly 2 years we have designed and created all manner of things: 15ft Gates routed out of Resin Composite board, aluminium camera mounts, MDF Spiral floor tiles, Structural set ribs, electromagnetic quick release camera mounts, Green screen boxes, whole scale sets!

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