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Marquee Letter Lights

  Tool used: 1/4″ Compression cutter These marquee letter lights are constructed of 2 different layers of MR MDF.  One is 18mm the other 9mm.  We CNC cut both thicknesses seperately and then the client assembles them on site.  These are elegant and eye catching.  Perfect for all sorts of events. Sharing is caring. Share

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Photo of bookcase behind spiral staircase

Custom Bookcase Created To Go Behind Spiral Staircase

Tool Used: 1/4″ Compression Cutter We can design and create bookcases, wine racks, cupboards and tables. This example is an MR MDF bookcase designed and made to fit behind a spiral staircase. Each shelf slides into a routed rebate.  The whole unit was then glued and nailed together. Sharing is caring. Share List