Leaflet Holders / Point Of Sale Stands

cnc-cut-and-engraved-point-of-sale-advertising-stands-designed-and-cut-rconcepts-uk cnc-cut-and-engraved-point-of-sale-advertising-stands-designed-and-cut-at-rconcepts cnc-cut-and-engraved-point-of-sale-advertising-stands-designed-and-cut-rconcepts cnc-cut-point-of-sale-advertising-stands-designed-and-cut-rconcepts cnc-routed-and-engraved-point-of-sale-advertising-stands-designed-and-cut-at-rconcepts designed-and-cnc-cut-expo-leaflet-holder-showroom-stand rconcepts-designed-and-cnc-cut-showroom-booklet-stands

Tool Used: 1/4″ Compression Cutter & 90 Degree v-bit for engraving.

Custom brochure stands created for a yacht showroom.

We designed these brochure stands in house and cut the same day.

Made from a combination of Foamex and Perspex these stands really do stand out.

Need a custom brochure stand or point of sale stand?  Just call to discus your needs.


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