Rapid Prototype of camera mount part

Photo of Rapid prototype from modelling board


Here is a rapid prototype part from a camera mount routed out of resin composite modelling board.

This was one of the component parts that were then routed out of aluminium.

We are often asked if we can cut prototypes of a product/design before the desired end material is used.  There are 3 important reasons for this.

  1. We can often cut other materials faster.  E.g Modelling Board is a lot softer than aluminium and therefore faster to cut.
  2. The prototype material is a lot cheaper.  Polystyrene is greatly cheaper than aluminium.
  3.  Getting a hands on feel for the design and product.

Prototyping helps to find mistakes in the design process and enables you to see if there are any further modifications needed to aid the product before using the final (more expensive) material.

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