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photo of cnc cut multi function work bench

CNC Routed Multi Function Work Bench

Tools used: 1/4″ Compression Cutter & V Bit 90 degree Time saving multi function workbench CNC cut in house.  This unit makes difficult woodworking tasks seem easy.  So many places to clamp Mirrored dog holes in the same pattern and size as the Festool MFT. This means you can easily use the Festool vertical and/or horizontal clamps

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CNC routed sketch of a giraffe.

Giraffe Sketch Engraving

Giraffe Carving Giraffe Carving Tool used V-Bit This drawing was provided by a customer. We are able to scan images and convert them to tool paths.  In this case this was done as a carved image.  The Customers drawing was then able to be carved in to a cupboard door for their child’s nursery. This

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So here we are.  A routing and design company based at Shepperton Studios. Over nearly 2 years we have designed and created all manner of things: 15ft Gates routed out of Resin Composite board, aluminium camera mounts, MDF Spiral floor tiles, Structural set ribs, electromagnetic quick release camera mounts, Green screen boxes, whole scale sets!

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