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Marquee Letter Lights

  Tool used: 1/4″ Compression cutter These marquee letter lights are constructed of 2 different layers of MR MDF.  One is 18mm the other 9mm.  We CNC cut both thicknesses seperately and then the client assembles them on site.  These are elegant and eye catching.  Perfect for all sorts of events.

Noodle Stand Signage

Tools Used: 1/4″ compression cutter, 3mm upcut, 90 degree VBit. Custom signage cut for Nusou. Nusou needed signage cut for their new mobile pop-up noodle stand and we were happy to help them with the task. The first 3 photos show signs that we pocket cut and then inlayed with white foamex lettering. The fourth photo shows

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Photo of Jameson Wooden Box

Jameson Wooden Box

  Jameson Show Box. Tools used: 1/4″ Compression Cutter & 90 Degree V-Bit Designed in house, constructed from birch ply, stained with Jacobean dark oak bees wax. CNC routed & engraved. If you need a memorable gift designed and made we can help.  Contact us to find out what we can do.

Photo of custom point of sale stand

Leaflet Holders / Point Of Sale Stands

Tool Used: 1/4″ Compression Cutter & 90 Degree v-bit for engraving. Custom brochure stands created for a yacht showroom. We designed these brochure stands in house and cut the same day. Made from a combination of Foamex and Perspex these stands really do stand out. Need a custom brochure stand or point of sale stand?

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FUN FUN FUN Sign For Summer Festival

Tool used ¾ compression Everyone loves FUN!  This sign was cut out 25mm mr mdf for a local summer festival decoration.  It was then tiled in a broken mirror mosaic. The sign was striking and at 4ft tall it really stood out.  The effect of the sun catching the mirrored pieces caught any passing colours in

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